Monday, November 7, 2011

Stud Dog Contract

Well, I hear that our stud dog contract is making the rounds and has upset some people.  If you are truly seeing our stud contract and not something that has been altered (it is a word document, after all).  Those are all people that have upset us, dissed us, our friends, and our dogs.   Many right to our face, and in very public places.  Some of those friends continue to give the people on the list 2nd, 3rd, 4th, (and so on) chances.  We have been around long enough to know that they will not change.  Some have tried to get our bloodlines, by buying puppies from people who have bred to our dogs, but don't want to come directly to us.  Their choice.  Our contract, with exclusions, is ours.  Remember it's a free country and we have a right to protect ourselves.  If you want to exclude us from your bloodlines...feel free.  

Before you believe the names on the list, you might want to think twice...After all word documents can be changed and forwarded.  Just because your name may be on the document that you were sent, does not mean that you are on really on that list.  This is turning into a telephone game.  Have a problem or question...go directly to the

God Bless America.